SENDDSecure Electronic Net Document Delivery
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In an increasingly competitive mutual fund marketplace, we provide value-added services such as SENDD that help our clients deliver communications to their customers efficiently and effectively.
Fagan points out that earlier versions of SENDD have been very effective in expediting completion and production of documents for several complex, global offerings, including:
Donnelley Financial is committed to maintaining SENDD as the premier product in this area and will make investments in software development and people to achieve that objective.
To support the new version, Donnelley Financial has established a dedicated customer support bureau in Charlotte offering 24 by 7 technical assistance, providing a single point of contact for SENDD assistance and a new standard of service to SENDD's online capabilities.
While SENDD has always provided exceptional security, the enhancements in this version build upon that foundation to give users greater control and flexibility in managing the document creation process.
Beta testing of SENDD begins this month with issuers, law firms, investment banks and mutual fund companies on an initial delivery-only component of SENDD known as WebDrop.