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SENEXSenior Executive
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Cecidit illic ergo Boegsceg Rex, et Sidroc ille senex comes, et Sidroc Junior comes, et Obsbern comes," etc.
A continuacion comparecen los personajes: el senex que quiere ayudar a su hijo en sus asuntos amorosos, para lo cual exhorta a los esclavos, Libano y Leonidas, a que consigan el dinero como sea, incluso robandoselo a el; la uxor dotata, que lleva las cuentas del hogar; los esclavos, serui, que jaleados por su amo montan el engano; el enamorado, adulescens, que se muestra tremendamente desesperado al no disponer del dinero que necesita para gozar de su amada; la prostituta, meretrix, enamorada del cliente; la celestina, lena, egoista y voraz, dispuesta a la extorsion, etc.
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Nor should we always expect consistency, that is, flat characters, for in Casina Plautus is playing with audience expectations for the characters: Cleostrata first appears to be a typical uxor dotata, out to usurp power from her husband, but we discover that she does it for noble reasons; Lysidamus is introduced as the senex, but then revealed to be the lecherous type who pursues inappropriate sexual liaisons (senex amator); and Myrrhina is first portrayed as the 'good wife' stock type, advocating unquestioning submission to one's husband, but we soon see that she is simply a wise woman who knows how the system works: she delights in challenging male authority so long as it is done subversively.
Senex people usually want to ground the puer, make him grow up, force him to be serious and mature.
In the Yasujiro Ozu's film Tokyo Story (1953) two old friends, the protagonist, Shukichi Hirayama (starring Chishu Ryu), and Sanpei Numata (starring EijiroTono), meet in a bar and take up the senex roles.
Influenced by Cervantes, 20th century author Federico Garcia Lorca's (1898-1936) farsas, La zapatera prodigiosa and Amor de Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin, has recourse to the figure of the senex as well in order to address issues of his time dealing with personal integrity, public reputation, constructions of gender, and the relationships between men and women.
3 October 2013 -- German financial services firm Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) has announced its appointment as successor depositary bank for the sponsored Level I American Depositary Receipt programme of Australia-based Senex Energy Ltd.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2013--Deutsche Bank to act as depositary bank for Senex Energy ADR programme(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
This success supports recent record daily net oil production, in excess of 10,000 barrels of oil per day ("bopd"), through the oil trunkline from Lycium into Moomba (Beach 60% and operator, Senex Energy Limited 40%).
In the "Popular Influences" section, for instance, Roc-Min Kok reveals the wide rift between, on the one hand, the composer's model for the main character in his Requiem fur Mignon--which she claims was the androgynous puer senex drawn from Novalis--and, on the other hand, the same character's reception as representative of the angelic, suffering, virtuous child archetype of die Catholic tradition.
Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de, Honore Maria Lauthier, and John Senex.