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SEPSpherical Error Probable
SEPState Energy Program
SEPSimplified Employee Pension (IRS; type of IRA)
SEPSaturday Evening Post (US Periodical)
SEPSecretaria de Educacion Publica
SEPStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
SEPSocialist Equality Party
SEPSocialist Equality Party (Australia)
SEPSeparator (orthodontics; programming)
SEPSymantec Endpoint Protection
SEPSomeone Else's Problem
SEPSecretaría de Educación Pública (Spanish)
SEPSpecial Education Program (various organizations)
SEPScience and Engineering Program (Boston University)
SEPSpecial Enrollment Period (Medicare)
SEPSearch Engine Promotion
SEPScience and Engineering Practices (various organizations)
SEPSustainable Energy Plan (various locations)
SEPSearch Engine Positioning
SEPSummer Enrichment Program
SEPSelf Employed Person (classification)
SEPSoftware Engineering Process
SEPSpectra Energy Partners (Delaware)
SEPSustainable Energy Partnership (various locations)
SEPStakeholder Engagement Plan (various organizations)
SEPStrategic Economic Plan
SEPStowarzyszenie Elektrykow Polskich (Polish: Association of Polish Electrical Engineers)
SEPStandard Essential Patent
SEPStanford Exploration Project (geophysics; California)
SEPSclerose en Plaque (French: Multiple Sclerosis)
SEPScience Education Partnership (various locations)
SEPSelf-Employed Professional
SEPSelf-Etching Primer (various companies)
SEPSuperior Energy Performance (certification program)
SEPSomatic Experiencing Practitioner
SEPScreamin' Eagle Performance (motorcycle parts)
SEPSociety of Energy Professionals (Canada)
SEPSearch Engine Placement
SEPStudent Exchange Program
SEPSocial Enterprise Program (Columbia Business School; New York, NY)
SEPSelf-Evaluation Program (various organizations)
SEPSymantec Enterprise Protection
SEPSpanning Explorer Packet
SEPService Execution Platform
SEPSeparator Page
SEPSecure Entry Point
SEPSouth End Press
SEPSomebody Else's Problem (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Triology)
SEPSomatosensory Evoked Potential
SEPSupplemental Environmental Projects (US EPA)
SEPSingle Entry Point
SEPSpecial Emphasis Panel
SEPSystems Engineering Plan
SEPSpecial Emphasis Program
SEPSociété en Participation (French: Joint Venture; business structure)
SEPSingle Engine Piston (type rating for JAA Pilots License)
SEPSystems Engineering Process
SEPSupportive Employment Program (various organizations)
SEPSoutheast Europe Project (Woodrow Wilson Center)
SEPSexual Encounter Profile
SEPSygate Enterprise Protection (Symantec)
SEPSenior Executive Program
SEPSolar Energetic Particles
SEPSolvay Engineered Polymers (various locations)
SEPSound Engineering Practice(s)
SEPSenior Employment Program (various locations)
SEPSeparations Research Program (University of Texas)
SEPSyringe Exchange Program
SEPSequential Exchange Protocol (computer networking)
SEPSolar Electric Propulsion
SEPSpecial Election Period (US Medicare)
SEPScience Education Programs
SEPScottish Equity Partners
SEPSystem Enhancement Program (US Army M1A2 tank)
SEPSecure Electronic Payment
SEPSecondary Education Program
SEPSolvent Extraction Process
SEPSoldier Enhancement Program
SEPSystem Engineering Process
SEPSource Evaluation Panel (US NRC)
SEPScience Enhancement Programme (UK)
SEPSingle Exit Price (South Africa)
SEPSymmetric Eigenproblems
SEPScience Enrichment Program (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
SEPSecondary Education Project
SEPSociedade Brasileira de Economia Politica (Brasil)
SEPSaturday Enrichment Program
SEPSafety Enhancement Program
SEPStanford Executive Program
SEPSignaling End Point
SEPSistema de Estudios de Posgrado (Costa Rica)
SEPSerum Electrophoresis
SEPSymbol Error Probability
SEPSpecific Excess Power
SEPSurface Electrical Properties
SEPSociedad Española de Pedagogía (Spain)
SEPSingle Edge Processor
SEPState Emergency Plan
SEPSmallpox Eradication Program (WHO)
SEPSociety for Exact Philosophy
SEPSpin Etch Planarization
SEPStrategische Erfolgspositionen (German: strategic success positions)
SEPScalable Encryption Processing
SEPService Entry Point (call center software)
SEPSociedad Española de Paleontologia (Spain)
SEPSociety of Experimental Psychologists
SEPService de l'Emploi Pénitentiaire (French: Prison Employment Service)
SEPSummer Education Program
SEPSociedade Esportiva Palmeiras (Brazilian soccer club)
SEPStorage Enclosure Processor
SEPStaff Exchange Program
SEPSupplemental Environmental Program
SEPSealift Enhancement Program (US DoD)
SEPSite Emergency Plan
SEPSimple Exclusion Process
SEPSalmon Enhancement Program (est. 1977; Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
SEPSignal Entrance Panel (US DoD)
SEPSpecial Embassy Program
SEPService Enhancement Program
SEPSystems Enhancement Program
SEPScreaming Eagle Poker
SEPSupplementary Environmental Project (EPA)
SEPSingle-Event Phenomena (radiation and semiconductor electronics)
SEPScottish Enterprise Party (politics; UK)
SEPSupport Electronics Package (US NASA)
SEPStandard Evaluation Procedures (EPA)
SEPSystem Evaluation Plan
SEPSignal Entry Panel
SEPService de l'Enseignement Prive (French: Service of Private Teaching, Geneva)
SEPSecurity Evaluation Program
SEPSecure Exchange Protocol
SEPSchool Effectiveness Profile (UK)
SEPSecretariado de Estudios Propios
SEPSyndicat de l'Education Populaire (French: Union of Popular Education)
SEPStrathclyde European Partnership Ltd (UK)
SEPSoftware Enhancement Proposal
SEPSystematic Evaluation Program
SEPSwine Enzootic Pneumonia (mycoplasmosis)
SEPScorched Earth Productions
SEPSanctuary Education Panel (NOAA)
SEPSoftware Entwicklungs Praktikum
SEPSecretaría Ejecutiva de la Presidencia (Spanish)
SEPSeverely Errored Period
SEPSelsius Ethernet Phone
SEPSociété d'Equipement du Poitou (French: Equipment Corporation of Poitou)
SEPSpecial Energy Programme (Kenya)
SEPSwiss Expert Pool (for Civilian Peacebuilding)
SEPStandard Error Prediction
SEPSafety and Emergency Procedure
SEPSatellite Education Program
SEPSociété d'Encouragement au Progrès
SEPSequence Endpoint
SEPScience Entrepreneurship Program (Case Western Reserve University)
SEPSoftware End Product
SEPSafety Evaluation Panel
SEPSafety Evaluation for Packaging
SEPService Engineering Process
SEPSelective Employment Plan
SEPSpherical Error of Probability
SEPStrain Energy Partitioning
SEPSynthetic Environment Program
SEPSystem Enhancement Proposal
SEPSimultaneous Examination Program (US IRS)
SEPSpanning Explorer Packet (Cisco)
SEPService Execution Plan
SEPSolar Electron Package
SEPSoftware Execution Platform
SEPSomebody's Elses Problem
SEPSite Evaluation Panel
SEPSolar Energetics Package
SEPSupport/Standard Equipment Plan
SEPStrategic Execution Planning
SEPShipbuilders' Estimating Package
SEPStable Element Panel
SEPSelectively Enhanced Polymer
SEPScientific & Engineering Personnel
SEPSOSUS Estimated Position
SEPSchema-Evolution Pattern
SEPSample Enclosing Pack
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For programs where the USD (AT & L) is the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA), components shall submit the SEP to me at least 30 days before the scheduled Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) milestone review.
OKON (Middlesbrough): September 6 v Derby, Sep 9 v Everton, Sep 16 v Man City, Sep 23 Aston Villa, Sep 30 Southampton.
Otherwise, you'll be caught flat-footed if OSHA shows up at your company to perform a SEP inspection.
Coverage of terminated employees: A SEP arrangement must cover all employees who are eligible at any time during the year.
The SEP enables cable operators to convert and carry all signals in digital format to the edge of the network, eliminating the bandwidth drain of transporting a dual analog/digital programming line-up and the cost of maintaining separate transmission and video processing equipment.
95 Graham Parker & Brinsley Schwarz The Epstein Theatre, 85 Hanover Street, 0151 709 4044, - Fri 09 Sep All Star Show
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