SEPARSpanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery
SEPARSeparator Sampling Report (energy exploration)
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Separ is the fourth Sina-class warship built in the fourth Naval zone and is equipped with 4 Nour or Qader-class missile-launchers with a range of 120 to 250km, a 25mm Fajr-class cannon and another 40mm cannon.
Motor vehicle crashworthiness events are not successive in the same way that an automobile accident and medical treatment of those accident injuries in an emergency room could involve obviously separ a t e negligent incid e nt s.
SEPAR Variavel dicotomica assumindo o valor (1) + quando as funcoes de CEO e presidente do conselho sao exercidas por pessoas diferentes; e (0) em caso contrario.
et al, Gasometria Arterial, grupo de trabajo de la SEPAR para la practica de la gasometria arterial.
Chaufer; Comparative Study of Different Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Dairy Effluent Treatment by Dead-end Filtration, Separ.
DD) * ** ** Guatemala, Guatemala Separ of the Americas LLC (AE) * ** ** Ft.
Se excluyeron los pacientes con diagnostico de asma, neumonia, bronquiectasias, o tuberculosis, entidades explicitamente excluidas por la SEPAR (6) y por la GOLD (5-7) de la definicion de EPOC.
Performed in three separ ages to give all of these characters depth and variety while maintaining laughs throughout.
Of the remainder in the 2001 survey, 9pc were divorced, 4pc were separ ated and 1pc were widowed.
In electricity, there has been divestiture of some of the dominant firm's (ENEL) generation plant and access to import transmission capacity, and likewise in gas, there has been an initial separ ation of the dominant firm's (ENI) vertically-integrated structure.