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SERENDIPSearch for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
SERENDIPSearch for Extraterrestrial Radio Emission from Nearby, Developed, Intelligent Populations (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Project; University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA)
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Even the supercomputer designed for SERENDIP IV can look only for simple signals with predetermined characteristics.
SERENDIP divides its 100-MHz band into 168 million channels, each just 0.
We're still just scratching the surface," says SERENDIP program manager Dan Werthimer.
2-million-channel SERENDIP III began operations in March 1998 at Australia's Parkes Observatory.
Since the SERENDIP III search commenced in April 1992, it has logged about 4,800 hours near 430 megahertz while "piggybacking" on the Arecibo telescope.
SERENDIP IV operates at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
Wertheimer, who is also principal investigator of the SERENDIP Project, another SETI effort, at Berkeley, has an answer for ET sceptics: "The universe is likely to be teeming with life.