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SERIESSubarctic Ecosystem Response to Iron Enrichment Study (various organizations)
SERIESSatellite Emission Range Infrared Earth Survey (NASA)
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The first thing in the morning I sent a polite note to Gentleman Jones, informing him that I had abandoned all idea of exhibiting his likeness to the public in my series of prints, and giving him full permission to inspect every design I made before it went out of the prison.
It is totally impossible to suppose that this series of actions, which constitutes one behaviour-cycle, is inspired by any prevision of the end, at any rate the first time it is performed.
A mental occurrence of any kind--sensation, image, belief, or emotion--may be a cause of a series of actions, continuing, unless interrupted, until some more or less definite state of affairs is realized.
Despite these potential opportunities, series LLCs may raise tax issues.
MUSIC COMPOSITION FOR A SERIES (DRAMATIC UNDERSCORE): ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Becoming, Part 1,'' WB.
NYPD Blue'' appeared to be a shoo-in after capturing best drama series actor for Dennis Franz, supporting actress for Kim Delaney, directing for Mark Tinker and writing for David Milch, Stephen Gaghan and Michael R.
1997 CART Series ranking and points: 19th (tied), 0
In AMSI series 2003-1, classes M3 and M4 (approximately $21.
Series: Vantage series Clamp:fbrce range: 15 to 1000 tons, up-acting
SOUND MIXING, COMEDY SERIES OR A SPECIAL: ``Frasier: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine,'' NBC.
Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (CO), $22,940,000 water & wastewater revenue refunding bonds, series 2006 (insured: FSA)