SERMASumter Enduro Riders Motorcycle Association (South Carolina)
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Para una estacion, un canal extra bien programado es una oportunidad para sermas competitivo, de ofrecer productos y/o mas spots a los clientes principales y de aportar una mayor cantidad de audiencia acumulada.
Mas aun, el cambio en el comportamiento de las personas sugiere que la participacion en Ibague bien hubiera podido sermas alta de lo que realmente ha sido, seguin se observa en las columnas correspondientes a [DELTA][bar.
The purpose of the contract is the administration, management, operation and maintenance of the basic infrastructures of the cpds, of the network infrastructures, of the storage systems and back-up copies, of the security and control systems of the accesses, in the centralized si and those that are incorporated in the centralized architecture of the corporate cpds of the sermas, as well as in the technological infrastructures associated with the is of the sermas specialized service centers, in accordance with the transformation plan of each center.
Contract notice: acquisition of lubricated bladder catheters for the primary health care centers sermas
Contract notice: acquisition of depressors, fungible accessories and registration papers for devices destined for primary health care centers sermas