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SERPSupplemental Executive Retirement Plan (nontax-qualified)
SERPStrategic Education Research Partnership
SERPSupplemental Employee Retirement Plan
SERPSociety for Elimination of Rural Poverty
SERPSuper Efficient Refrigerator Program
SERPStorage Enterprise Resource Planner (NovusCG, Inc.)
SERPstate earnings related pension
SERPServicewide Electronic Research Program
SERPStatewide Emergency Response Plan
SERPServices Effectiveness Research Program
SERPSyncrude Emissions Reduction Project (Canada)
SERPSheltered Employee Retirement Plan
SERPServicewide Electronic Research Project
SERPSystem Equipment Reliability Prioritization
SERPSteam/Electrical Recovery Project
SERPSupport Equipment Reclamation Program
SERPStrategic Environmental Restoration Program
SERPSustaining Engineering Requirements Plan
SERPSymbol Error Rate Performance
SERPSorption Enhanced Reforming Process
SERPSystolic Early Relaxation Phenomenon (medical; cardiology)
SERPSpecial Early Retirement Program
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While a SERP is often provided as a reward for leadership and performance success, (we) expect that the trend of including a SERP as part of the hiring negotiations will continue," Hilton predicted.
A DB SERP can be replaced with a DC plan with enhancements and no participant takeaways.
The net effect of OCC 2004-56 has been a surge of interest by banks in using BOLI to fund their SERPs, NDCPs and other employee benefit obligations.
This rule applies, however, only when the nonqualified SERP initially provides for offsetting benefits by accruals under a qualified plan.
The flexible deployment architecture of the SERP, in combination with Neomar's Enterprise Server and Microbrowser software, enables wireless carriers and ASPs to offer enterprises both fully hosted solutions and enterprise-managed deployments from behind the corporate firewall.
A SERP swap is a complicated financial, tax and accounting strategy.
The first to institutionalize was the Jewish Workers' Club, formed by SERP activists at a meeting on 15 March at the Jewish Library.
A[cedilla] Support SERP core team to create platform to disseminate project learning%s on POfacilitation
World Bank representative Shafique-ur-Rehman Paracha told that SERP has accomplished targets of Karachi school improvement project 2013-14 that would prove helpful in achieving over all goals of the project.
Something causes the CASD SERP to terminate prematurely.
The SERP is sector budget support provided as part of the European Unions efforts to make a sustainable contribution to the education sector in Pakistan.
The high school district board last week approved a supplemental employee retirement program, or SERP, that could save the district $1.