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SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SERPSupplemental Executive Retirement Plan (nontax-qualified)
SERPStrategic Education Research Partnership
SERPSupplemental Employee Retirement Plan
SERPSociety for Elimination of Rural Poverty
SERPSuper Efficient Refrigerator Program
SERPStorage Enterprise Resource Planner (NovusCG, Inc.)
SERPstate earnings related pension
SERPServicewide Electronic Research Program
SERPStatewide Emergency Response Plan
SERPServices Effectiveness Research Program
SERPSyncrude Emissions Reduction Project (Canada)
SERPSheltered Employee Retirement Plan
SERPServicewide Electronic Research Project
SERPSystem Equipment Reliability Prioritization
SERPSteam/Electrical Recovery Project
SERPSupport Equipment Reclamation Program
SERPStrategic Environmental Restoration Program
SERPSustaining Engineering Requirements Plan
SERPSymbol Error Rate Performance
SERPSorption Enhanced Reforming Process
SERPSystolic Early Relaxation Phenomenon (medical; cardiology)
SERPSpecial Early Retirement Program
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While a SERP is often provided as a reward for leadership and performance success, (we) expect that the trend of including a SERP as part of the hiring negotiations will continue," Hilton predicted.
A DC SERP is participant-directed with choice and flexibility regarding the plan's diversification.
Rules for SERPs and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans (NDCPs), as well as the programs most commonly used to finance them--company-owned life insurance (COLI) and bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) plans--have been clarified by Congress, the Internal Revenue Service, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and federal bank regulators.
The increasing complexity of both deferred comp and SERP plans is also driving more companies to outsource plan administration.
The SERP liability will then automatically decrease to reflect the larger qualified plan offset.
With the new SERP, mobile service providers can provision a "secure wireless pipe" to their enterprise customers with cross-network and cross-device support, including secure support for both push and pull data.
TAX-WISE, THE ADVANTAGES OF A SWAP FOR the executive depend on whether or not the exchange triggers income taxation of the SERP benefit or if the IRS changes its position on the taxation of split-dollar life insurance.
Wheeler, CEO of Copper Mountain Trust and Advisory Services in Portland, the Northwest's largest custodian of pension trusts and a frequent provider of SERP information.
Jewish men and women belonged to reconstituted Russian political parties: Gurevich, Bliumberg, and other SERP activists to the PSR; Shur, Rakhil Rozenberg, and other Bundists to Smolensk's "united" SD organization, and Dr.
Although nearly any business owner might install a SERP, the most likely candidates are those who are making money, already have a fringe benefit program and are concerned about additional tax liability, and are interested in rewarding a handful of top key personnel who are the profit makers of the company.
By winning the SERP competition two years ago, Whirlpool Corp.
Exhibiting a self-imposed regulatory forbearance from scrutinizing product designs in ascertaining anti-trust violations, CCI noted in its order that product design is an important and integral dimension of competition, undue intervention in designs of SERP can affect legitimate product improvements.