SERPROServiço Federal de Processamento de Dados (Portuguese: Federal Service of Data Processing; Brazil)
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These are questions that SERPRO service helps answer.
Our SERPRO simulation tools help evaluate the right budget avoiding costly overprotection by fixing only the hot spots of the design that need to be improved.
SERPRO adopters are also able to run the toolkit flow themselves at their site.
SERPRO adopters will benefit from the iRoC yearly Test Shuttle Program and will have a better visibility on their product SER qualification possibilities.
Some of the companies scheduled to present in Sao Paulo include ANVISA, Avon Brazil, Comafi Bank, General Motors Brazil, SERPRO, Teeleap, Visa Argentina, and Yell Argentina.
iRoC's SERPRO transistor-level services leverage iRoC's soft error optimization techniques, database of global radiation information, soft error test chips, and SERTEST(TM) soft error qualification testing solutions.
This SERPRO service allows designers to simulate soft error scenarios in developing custom memories, bit cells, and standard cell library elements.
IRoC's SERPRO transistor-level services are now in beta testing and will be available to the general market in Q1 2005.
iRoC Technologies, SERPRO, and SERTEST are trademarks of iRoC Technologies Corporation.
The agreement allows SERPRO to acquire Optika software and services over the next four years without going through the formal government bid process.
After a thorough evaluation process that lasted over eight months and included a pilot developed by Optika Brazil at the Ministry of Planning, Acorde was selected by SERPRO as one of the Imaging and Workflow technologies to become the standard to offer to its government customers.
We chose Optika not only because of the scalability and the ease of use of the Acorde tools, but also because of their presence in the country and the large number of satisfied customers they have in Brazil," said Wolney Mendes Martins, president of SERPRO.