SETAFSouthern European Task Force (Airborne; US Army)
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16) Four individuals commanded two divisions during the post-9/ll era--MG Carter Ham, who commanded TF Olympia in Iraq and 1st Infantry Division in the US; MG Thomas Turner, who commanded SETAF in Italy and the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq; MG Vince Brooks, who commanded 1st Cavalry Division in the US and 1st Infantry Division in Iraq; and MG David Rodriguez who commanded TF Olympia in Iraq and the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan.
Divisions in Combat Since 9/11 (13) Division Afghanistan Iraq Total 1st ID 1 2 3 1stAD 0 3 3 1stCAV 1 3 4 3rd ID 1 4 5 4th ID 0 4 4 10th MTN DIV 4 1 5 25th ID 1 3 4 82nd ABNDIV 4 1 5 101st ABNDIV 2 2 4 TF Olympia 0 2 2 SETAF 1 0 1 34th ID (NG) 0 1 1 36th ID (NG) 0 1 1 42nd ID (NG 0 1 1 Total 15 28 43 Comparison of Division Commanders between the Eras (21) Post 9/11 World War II Vietnam Combat Years 4 7 11 Divisions 87 8 14 Division 155 46 41 Commanders Months in CBT 10.
When BDF soldiers expressed an interest in vehicle recovery, the SETAF team conducted an impromptu, hands-on exercise in recovery operations.
SETAF mechanics do not normally conduct this type of training mission, but the team lead, Chief Warrant Officer Robert Pitts, believes that this could be a building stone for future training opportunities.
Another initiative recognized that the single airborne battalion in SETAF was insufficient in the 93-country EUCOM AOR (not to mention potential CENTCOM requirements), so a second was established for only $14 million in new construction and rearrangement of 500 personnel spaces entirely out of hide.
Likewise, SETAF was involved in 75 events in 18 countries.
necessary and becoming the norm, and I have full confidence that the 14th can support the SETAF downrange while continuing its vital movement missions in Italy.
The deployment of SETAF and the 14th MCB to Afghanistan for a year expanded the battalion's mission set dramatically.
ARMY SOUTHERN EUROPEAN Task Force (Airborne), known as SETAF, recently changed the designation of its infantry brigade.
Here, SFC Todd Oliver from SETAF and SPC Brandon Aird of the 173rd Abn.
With these companies, we developed four different FEMs to expand engineer support to the USAREUR IRF or to the SETAF commander.
MG Thomas Turner, commander of SETAF and commander for JTF Liberia, meets with Nigerian Brig.