SFDPHSan Francisco Department of Public Health (California)
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The SFDPH funded administrative and staffing costs, and medication was funded through a CSAT grant (1 H79TI12880-01).
To enhance communication (including the electronic transmission of medication orders), coordination, and program evaluation, the SFDPH developed a secure database for the OBOT program.
SFDPH undertook a health analysis of the rezoning plans, focusing on noise, roadway pollution, and pedestrian hazards, and was able to integrate the findings from these analyses directly into the draft EIR for the Eastern Neighborhoods Plans as co-authors (53).
An important outgrowth of the involvement of SFDPH in EIAs such as the rezoning proposals has been the development of a number of new methods to allow better prediction of health effects across impacted local populations.
SFDPH has maintained a registry of persons with positive HBsAg test results reported to SFDPH since 1984; the registry contains HBsAg test results for approximately 25,700 persons.
To further characterize persons with known chronic HBV infection, in January 2006, SFDPH began requesting data from health-care providers on persons who met the case definition for confirmed HBV infection for whom a second positive HBsAg result was reported to SFDPH during 2006.
One of the first SFDPH efforts concerned a proposal to demolish the Trinity Plaza Apartments, comprising 360 rent-controlled units, and rebuild 1,400 new condominiums in its place (47).
The SFDPH undertook a brief HIA, synthesizing available data on housing affordability and residential displacement, providing local data on housing conditions, and qualitatively predicting the likely impacts of the demolition and displacement on health.
Investigation by SFDPH indicated that two patients had direct sexual contact with each other, but no other common partners were found.
SFDPH continues to conduct surveillance for azithromycin treatment failure.
Funds for this solicitation may be renewable annually, depending on the availability of funds, successful performance of contract obligations, and compliance with SFDPH Program mandates.