SFINSubcommittee on Fiscal Imbalance (Canada)
SFINSaskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations (Canada)
SFINSteamed-and-Fried Instant Noodles (food starch study)
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But the weakly correlated pairs (MSL with MWL, SFIN, TYP, HAP, and NTOK) indicate that each variable provides us with unique information: that is, each of these variables acts independently, not as a result of the presence of another variable.
By consulting the mean values for each variable by each genre, we would discover that fiction has the lowest mean for SFIN and for LAT, which would permit us to conclude that, as independent events, fiction uses fewer plural nouns and present tenses of verbs as well as fewer Latinate words than other genres during this period.
Statewide Financial Corp, the holding company of Statewide Savings Bank, is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SFIN.