SFITSwiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne, Switzerland)
SFITSmart Fabrics and Interactive Textiles
SFITSmart Fabrics and Intelligent Textiles
SFITStructural Funds Information Team (EU)
SFITSystem for Information Technology, Inc. (software development firm; Philippines)
SFITSynthetic Fluid Inclusion Technique (geology)
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Some members of the SFIT community hope that the foil will one day be manufactured thin enough to wear, thus providing smart apparel with a 1,000 watt per kilogram power source.
Industry watchers like Adrian Wilson, editor of the Smart Textiles and Nanotechnology newsletter, think that SFIT could revitalize the textiles industry in the United States and western Europe, where low-cost competition from elsewhere around the globe has forced textile companies to lay off workers.
The SFIT industry is characterised by the presence of a large number of relatively small companies.
The biggest single end use for SFITs continues to be heated automotive seating.
So far, the number of applications for SFIT which have made a commercial impact is disappointingly few--apart from electrically heated seat kits, which have been a major success.
The included, palm-sized gray-scale scanner automatically retrieves vital contact data from any business card, and NewSoft's advanced OCR and SFIT (Smart Field Identification Technology) quickly and accurately assigns the data into fields for rapid search and retrieval.