SFIUStabsstelle Financial Intelligence Unit (German: Administrative Financial Intelligence Unit; Liechtenstein)
SFIUSan Francisco International University
References in classic literature ?
The Albino is as well made as other men --has no substantive deformity --and yet this mere aspect of all-pervading whiteness makes him more strangely hideous than the ugliest abortion.
However, I felt like a schoolmaster amidst children, and persisted, and presently I had a score of noun substantives at least at my command; and then I got to demonstrative pronouns, and even the verb "to eat.
Van der School, was used in direct reference to its substantive.
If I had kept clear of his old girl causes him usually to make the noun- substantive "goodness" of the feminine gender.
Many who knew her, thought it a pity that so substantive and rare a creature should have been absorbed into the life of another, and be only known in a certain circle as a wife and mother.
The Cyclic poet uses `beggar' as a substantive, and so means to say that when Odysseus had changed his clothes and put on rags, there was no one so good for nothing at the ships as Odysseus.
B-o-t, bot, t-i-n, tin, bottin, n-e-y, ney, bottinney, noun substantive, a knowledge of plants.
These words illustrate, incidentally, how little we can trust to the grammatical distinction of parts of speech, since the substantive "rain" and the verb "to rain" denote precisely the same class of meteorological occurrences.