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SFLSkills for Life
SFLSystemic-Functional Linguistics
SFLSaskatchewan Federation of Labour (Canada)
SFLSociété Foncière Lyonnaise (French: Lyonnaise Property Company; Lyon, France)
SFLShelter for Life (Maple Grove, IL)
SFLSolid Film Lubricant
SFLSequenced Flashing Lights
SFLScreen For Life (CDC cancer screening)
SFLSociété Française du Livre (French: French Book Society)
SFLStructures Formelles du Langage (French: Formal Structure of Language)
SFLSoldier Focused Logistics
SFLSociété Française de Luth (French: French Lute Society)
SFLSociety of Federal Linguists
SFLStatistiques et Finances Locales (French: Statistics and Local Finance; economics forum)
SFLSciences de La Fabrication et Logistique (French: Science of Manufacturing and Logistics; educational engineering program)
SFLStructural Floor Level
SFLStingray Foundation Library (software)
SFLSteel Flying Lead (Oil & Gas)
SFLState Farm Life Insurance Company (Bloomington, Illinois)
SFLSingle-Face Laminate
SFLSafe Fill Level (vessel design, vapor space)
SFLSanté France-Laos (French: Health France-Laos)
SFLSectorized Fill Layout
SFLSingle Folded Letter (philately)
SFLSize Float Level
SFLSecondary Freon Loop
SFLSingle-Family Low (zoning)
SFLSecond Foreign Language
SFLSucker for Love
SFLStudents for Liberty (est. 2007)
SFLStoner for Life
SFLState Fishing Lake (various locations)
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SFL MD TT Srinivasaraghavan said : "RSA has added a lot of value on the technical aspects of the business and been a valued business partner.
The SFL team would be delighted to meet you in Vienna and provide further information on the company's expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs, Legal & Compliance Services and Medical Communications.
Accountants for the SFL, as well as former board members Ewen Cameron of Alloa and Arbroath's Anne McKeown, are examining the detail behind the payments as part of a winding down of the old league body.
In the SFL, 22 out of 29 eligible sides must vote in favour of plans, which also include a merger which would leave one ruling body and the change in the financial distribution model.
SFL rules require a 75 per cent majority for the plans to be approved, meaning a minimum of 22 clubs would need to back the motions.
Twenty nine of the 30 SFL clubs accepted Rangers as an associate member of the League while 25 clubs voted in favour of placing the newco team into the bottom tier.
The member clubs have voted to wilingly accept Rangers into the SFL.
Most Rangers fans have demanded the club push for entry to the Irn-Bru Third Division amid moves to place them in the First but Green will let the SFL clubs decide.
And Hutton, whose club are against the new company joining the First Division, said afterwards: "I'm just disappointed that a situation of the SPL's making finds itself in an SFL meeting where we are the sheriff, the undertaker, the roadsweeper and Scottish football depends on SFL clubs - an abdication somewhere of responsibility.
Allow the SFL to fully cure for 24 hours before returning the weapon to service.
Founded in 1999, SFL develops, manufactures, and markets savory taste solutions (the non-sweet taste spectrum), including mainly flavors, seasoning compounds, marinades and sauces, specializing in snacks and convenience foods.
In the present study, we reported that SFL caused HeLa cell death by both direct cytotoxicity and apoptosis.