SFLMSubmarine Force Library and Museum (Groton, CT)
SFLMStudents for Life of Michigan (East Lansing, MI)
SFLMSociété Française des Lasers Médicaux
SFLMStandard Floating License Manager
SFLMShop Floor Line Manager (software)
SFLMSurf for Local Music (website)
SFLMSociété Francophone des Lasers Médicaux (French: French Society of Medical Lasers)
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The new features of SFLM meet the needs of manufacturers who have asked for more comprehensive and timely information that they can then share with their respective internal and external customers.
GenRad, GR, Shop Floor Line Manager, SFLM, GR Alchemist III, and TRACS III are registered trademarks or trademarks of GenRad, Inc.
We were very pleased with the capability provided by SFLM," explains Cecil Ponder, Manufacturing Information Systems Manager at the DaimlerChrysler Huntsville facility.
DaimlerChrysler looked closely at the requirements of its plant and considered the offerings of several top global manufacturers of line management software, finally choosing GenRad's SFLM because it best fit their needs.
The added process-centric functional depth of line monitoring and control within SFLM adds a critical new dimension to SFDM's traditional product-centric MES focus.