SFoAStandard Form of Agreement
SFOASwiss Futures and Options Association
SFOASt. Francis of Assisi (Catholic saint)
SFOASpecial Forces Operational Area
SFOAScanner Fiber Optic Assembly
SFOASunshine Football Officials Association (Florida)
SFOASmoke-Free Ontario Act of 2006 (Canada)
SFOASaskatoon Football Officials Association (Canada)
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Restaurants were not included as a vendor trade class in the followup surveys due to the decreasing number of restaurants selling tobacco products following implementation of the SFOA.
Furthermore, vendor compliance remained at a high level one year following implementation of the SFOA.
The first is the comprehensive education campaign conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion together with the public health units in the months leading up to implementation of the SFOA.
Another reason for success is the regular presence of enforcement staff at tobacco vendors due to other legislative components of the SFOA.