SFOESwiss Federal Office of Energy (Switzerland)
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The 2000-Watt-Area project management is responsible for the execution of the top coordination level between the specialist areas of market, communication, technical development, as well as with the organizations of the SFOE and other project organizations.
The Provider organizes and realizes the phase II of the campaign "We are building the future of energy" in close collaboration with the SFOE and the numerous partners and multipliers.
In the context of this invitation to tender, the Confederation (FOEN / FOE) intends to evaluate between 15 and 35 qualified bidders and performance, which realize expected during the contract period (Q3 2013 - end of Q2 2022) and through mandate FOEN / SFOE first audits, surveillance audits and review audits in connection with target agreements with the SFOE and "proposed objectives for granting the exemption from tax on CO2 "with the FOEN, respectively based on this legislation on energy and on the CO2.