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SFWUService and Food Workers Union (New Zealand)
SFWUSeychelles Federation of Workers' Unions
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NZNO organiser Manny Downs and SFWU organiser Penny Clark will be the advocates.
NZNO, the SFWU and the PSA have launched a campaign--We are retying on you--aimed at all women MPs.
The SFWU and NZNO have also filed 2475 equal pay claims in the Employment Relations Authority.
Payne paid tribute to NZNO and SFWU members and staff who, over the years, had built the platform for this opportunity to negotiate decent wages for those doing the important work of caring for the elderly.
Radius pay rates are among the lowest in the sector and it is the only large employer NZNO and SFWU negotiates with that has not passed on the extra aged-care funding the then Health Minister Tony Ryall announced last year.
Kristine's win in the courts and the joint campaign by the SFWU and NZNO, 'All the way for equal pay', opens a pathway for our caregiver members to be fairly paid for their valuable work," he said.
In another first, NZNO and the SFWU will hold joint celebrations with aged-care providers BUPA and Oceania, at a number of sites.
SFWU national secretary John Ryall said the decision had opened the door "to a faster resolution" of equal pay and "an end to systematic historical gender discrimination in this sector".
NZNO's industrial services manager, Cee Payne, said it meant NZNO could continue to work alongside the SFWU to advance the principles of equal pay for women in Aotearoa.
SFWU national secretary John Ryall said thousands of caregivers would be deeply disappointed by the ACA's decision to appeal.
NZNO and the SFWU are again in negotiations with Radius following members' rejection of a proposed deal, which did not include the extra government funding.
Summerset and NZNO and the SFWU have agreed to form a consultative committee which will meet every eight weeks.