SGIGSmart Grid Investment Grant (US Department of Energy)
SGIGSovereign Grand Inspector General
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He adds, "Specifically SGIG awardees, other pilot programs, smaller cooperative and municipalities can now test pre-paid utility service, time-of-use, multiple rate structures, smart meters and smart grid technologies quickly and inexpensively.
The SGIG projects announced this week are transformative for our company and provide substantial revenue growth for participating smart grid solutions companies," said Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPL Global.
The infusion of SGIG funds would allow UI to significantly ramp up a number of programs designed to:
The investment of SGIG funds would enable UI to speed up the installation of advanced meters that maintain a continuous, two-way connection between the utility and its customers.
Total funding for the SGIG program is approximately $3.
The overall purpose of the SGIG program is to accelerate the modernization of the nation's electric transmission and distribution systems and promote investments in smart grid technologies, tools, and techniques which increase flexibility, functionality, interoperability, cyber-security, situational awareness, and operational efficiency.