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SGIMSociety of General Internal Medicine
SGIMStrategic Global IR (Investor Relations) Management Association (Japan)
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Captain Jean-Christophe Michel, head of the SGIM project in the French Armed Forces Health Service, commented: The SAP ECC6 software package, rolled out within the planned timelines with all the expected functionalities, is a success.
Future training sessions and presentations will include collaborations with groups not directly linked with the SGIM, including local and state medical societies, Area Health Education Centers, and other organizations.
QCOR and SGIM Meeting Presentations Assess Role of Corus CAD Test Results in Clinical Decision-Making
Results were presented, in part, at the VA HSR&D National Meeting, February 2005; and the SGIM National Meeting, May 2005.
On balance, however, SGIM members view the hospitalist movement as "a good thing," Dr.
To facilitate this, however, the SGIM will need a population-based ethic, which places society ahead of the individual patient, to replace the Hippocratic Oath.
In that year, SGIM adopted a set of principles to guide the process of health reform.