SGIPSoylent Green Is People
SGIPSmart Grid Interoperability Panel (US DOC)
SGIPSelf-Generation Incentive Program (energy)
SGIPSmall Generator Interconnection Procedure (US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
SGIPSuper Group Industrial Products (South Africa)
SGIPStandard Generator Interconnection Procedures (energy regulation; US and Canada)
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Desde una perspectiva socioeducativa podriamos exponer que se va desarrollando un nuevo modelo de intervencion en SGIP, pero que debe profundizar en los enfoques educativos mediante la especializacion de este enfoque preventivo (Socidrogalcohol, 2012).
As a leader of the industry, in addition to HD-PLC product certification, we will actively promote the coexistence protocol recommended by NIST SGIP and compliance with international standards.
In order to verify the developed PLC products meet NIST SGIP requirements, Panasonic has made its BPL coexistence verification test environment open to the public, and has started the BPL coexistence testing service.
0 received public visibility and support with coordination from the SGIP and its Priority Action Plan 09 focused on "Standard DR and DER Signals.
Contents of verification service - Document: Summary of Coexistence Test and Procedure - Rental of test tools for verification tests - Testing and reporting of verification tests *This verification test is not an Official Certification Test for NIST SGIP.
The SGIP promotes the installation of clean distributed generation power sources.
1 million and representing more than 8 megawatts approved for participation in the 2006 SGIP.
In fact, fifty-six voluntary standards have been approved through the SGIP process, (185) and subsequently added to SGIP's Catalog of Standards.
Existe una gran diversidad de establecimientos penitenciarios (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Justicia, 2013; SGIP, 2013d): Centros Penitenciarios (CP)--conformados por unidades, modulos y departamentos--, Centros Psiquiatricos Penitenciarios (P), Centros de Insercion Social (CIS), Secciones Abiertas (SA), Unidades Dependientes de Madres (UDM), Unidades Externas de Madres (UE), Unidades de Custodia Hospitalaria (UCH) y Centros Extrapenitenciarios.
CEA cooperated with SGIP, the public/private Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, on the development of ANSI/CEA-2045.
95 megawatts (MW) of fuel cell projects approved for participation in the 2006 SGIP.