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SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGMLStructured Generalized Markup Language
SGMLStandard Graphics Markup Language (computer language)
SGMLSchool of Global Management and Leadership (Arizona State University)
SGMLSouthern Gospel Music Lovers
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Readers with no SGML knowledge suddenly find themselves faced with such concepts as element and attribute declarations without any explanation of what they are or how they fit into SGML.
Donovan, however, brings to the discussion a special emphasis on SGML entities and how they can help you more easily reuse and maintain your information.
Grolier now maintains source data for their print, CD-ROM, and online products in SGML.
Because I have SGML experience, I found the last half of the book to be most interesting.
SGML is, after all, a large topic embracing innumerable specific details.
Currently, Merck is utilizing TARGET 2000's SGML capabilities, and it is ready for future technology advancements.
This introductory approach is excellent, not only for writers wanting to learn about SGML for the first time, but also for managers, who will find the first three chapters especially helpful.
This does not mean that Alschuler fails to address the business case for SGML, or that Travis and Waldt ignore the writer.
This article examines the background leading to the development of SGML, advantages of SGML, and difficulties encountered when first using SGML.
Forty-five of the book's 288 pages describe the minimal information you need to write a Document Type Definition (DTD -- the set of rules that must be followed when developing documents of a particular type) and to create an SGML document that you could load into an SGML author/editor or publishing system.