SGNPSanjay Gandhi National Park (India)
SGNPSecure Grid Naming Protocol (software)
SGNPSan Guillermo National Park (Argentina)
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SGNP is trying to adopt new methods for counting of leopards and monitoring their movement habits.
Says Nagpur-based Kishore Rithe, member of the State Wildlife Board and founder of Satpuda Foundation, "We can't take objection to a geo-technical survey but principally, we feel they should not consider any proposal under the SGNP.
Contrary to both predictions, genotype 1 was well distributed among samples taken from the SGNP neighborhood and the NGNP neighborhood as far north as Many Glacier.
Some call SGNP the "lungs of Mumbai", and without it, scientists believe the city would drown in its own poison.
As previously announced in a press release entitled "AVAKI Submits Secure Grid Naming Specification to the Global Grid Forum" (February 20, 2002), SGNP is designed to create a naming standard that operates in concert with other important grid standards.
AVAKI also announced its plans to make a reference implementation of SGNP available, based on the current specification, on March 18, 2002.
According to PAWS both the Zoo and SGNP have not kept records of studies and experiments conducted on animals though "it has been proved that a aACAySanjay Kumar Tripathi -- who is present Deputy Superintendent (Vet) I/C of Mumbai Zoo and a aACAyKamal Kumar' have conducted studies and experiments on tigers and deers as proved by their thesis and dissertation," said Subramanian.
Though the SGNP has resettled 13,000 people from within the park, it is waiting to clear another 11,000 and has already removed 5,000 unauthorised structures, the problem of uncleared garbage continues to pose a huge problem.
Tender notice number : SGNP /RFP/ 2016-17/AC01 ID:2016_HFFN_134302_2
Vikas Gupta, chief conservator, SGNP said, By October-end, we hope to have the plan ready.
DFCCIL shall provide underpasses for free movement of wild animals, chain link fencing for protection, and as a contribution towards the environment and wildlife protection, funds for the upkeep and improvement of SGNP apart from compensatory afforestation in the region, etc.