SGSMSydney Graduate School of Management (Australia)
SGSMSouth Grand Senior Ministry (St. Louis, MO)
SGSMSwedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
SGSMSwiss Graduate School of Management (Bangalore, India)
SGSMSwinburne Graduate School of Management
SGSMSmall Group Study Method
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This section elaborates on the triggers or stimuli that influence companies to maintain and expand their sustainability efforts, leading to SGSM capabilities.
For example, as the only company out of four, Beta primarily focused on the social dimension within its SGSM processes.
Alpha and Gamma did not establish such close ties with NGOs, whereas Beta and Delta executives stated that their respective cooperation processes strongly determine the content of sustainability topics and, thus determine the effectiveness of SGSM processes.
Hence, the stimuli perception and external responsiveness are major ingredients of dynamic SGSM capabilities and will be rewarded.
Proposition 1: PSM's capability to respond to alternating stimuli from globally dispersed stakeholders determines the effectiveness of SGSM to mitigate sustainability-related risks in global sourcing.
While Beta's stakeholder perception led to the incorporation of social concerns in its SGSM processes, the other firms (Alpha, Gamma, and Delta) focus on environmental matters.
Firms that are able to integrate with internal capabilities accumulate SGSM capabilities faster and with less resource consumption than competitors.
Proposition 2a: The content of SGSM processes is dependent on previous paths of sustainable capability building within the organization.
All three firms recently continued to broaden the content covered within their SGSM processes toward a more holistic embracement of the triple bottom line.
Delta's pioneering role in combining economic and ecologic supplier management processes enabled them to gain an edge over competitors in terms of breadth of the content embraced by SGSM processes.
Relating to Hart (1995), early accumulation of capabilities in SGSM focusing on the ecological dimension of the triple bottom line may provide the foundation upon which the content of the social dimension can be added to existing SGSM processes.
Proposition 2b: Excess capacity in previously accumulated SGSM capabilities enables the embracement of broader content priorities of SGSM over time.