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SHAEFSupreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
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Extract from Memo from SHAEF on Civil Affairs Directives for Operation 'Overlord'--France, in National Archives of the United Kingdom, War Office Files, File WO 204/3043 (on file with author); Letter of Guidance to Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, In Amplification of Civil Affairs Directives for Allied and Liberated Territories (24 May 1944), in National Archives of the United Kingdom, Foreign Office Files, File FO 371/40683 (on file with author).
The air force commanders wanted the airfields Monty had promised and a campaign of backbiting complaining and backstabbing ensured at SHAEF, when they did not arrive.
97) Such efforts required coordination beyond just SHAEF.
86 PRO, WO 193/195, SCAF 106, SHAEF HQ to CCOS, London, 16 Oct.
Frank Allen of SHAEF public relations that they were to witness the surrender.
At SHAEF, Orr worked as a technical supervisor for the Psychological Warfare Department, a special staff section.
SHAEF ordered the Seventh Army, with the Century Division, to cease attacking, regroup, and expand its area of operations to support the lower flank of the hard-hit Allied line in this new fight, the Battle of the Bulge.
are not in conformity with policies promulgated by SHAEF.
In November, SHAEF planned to turn over the POWs to the Dutch and Belgians, but only with written assurances that the receiving authorities would abide by the Geneva Convention.
He was indeed staunchly anticommunist, but for him--shaped by his experiences in SHAEF and then in NATO--the major arena of conflict was Europe and the major adversary was the USSR.
Lord Methuen, in his analysis for the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Division of SHAEF, estimates that there were 12,000 bells in Belgium prior to the War.