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SHAPERSelf-Healing Algorithm Producing Multihop Bluetooth Scatternets
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Along with other Shapers, Saad will be meeting Bill Gates and Jack Ma as part of 'Meet The Leader' sessions along with other world leaders.
CurveXpert 3D Power Shaper, a highly advanced therapy that activates in stem cells to inhibit their conversion into mature fat cells, thereby reducing the size of existing fat cells.
The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2015 provides insights into how millennials see the world.
Comprising up to 40-odd members, each Hub is officially sanctioned by the Global Shapers Community, its participants all highly-motivated individuals selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential and commitment to making a difference.
Mini Max offers the T45 shaper featuring micro-adjustable infeed and outfeed fences, a 1.
The cover art underscores the book's focus on the dual-form shapers by featuring a profile that is half male and half female, depicted in pleasing pastels.
If only for that, it is truly an honor for the Manila Global Shapers Hub to be a part of this endeavor with LRP in the GK Community.
Most problems with fit are due to a misaligned shaper spindle.
Cooper Lighting has expanded its Shaper Fabrique Architectural Fabric Series of decorative pendant, wall and surface luminaires.
23 (Petra) -- The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Sunday launched Global Shapers Middle East Community in an effort to tap into potential of the youth generation, especially given recent events in the Arab world.
Newcomers to the nationals' scene, Max Esses and Steve Shaper proved more than capable in pounding the serves against the tournament veterans.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the cyclic flexural fatigue failure resistance of Revo- S Shaper Universal rotary NiTi files and to compare it to two other rotary NiTi files with similar size and taper, the Hero Shaper and the ProFile.