SHEPPSexual Health Education and Pleasure Project (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SHEPPSaskatchewan Healthcare Employees' Pension Plan (Canada)
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If you're looking for acreage, check out 6008 Shepps Island Road.
Price, Kara Rakowski, Lawrence Shepps of Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman.
In northeastern Ohio this connects to the "late Cary" re-advance demonstrated so neatly by a clay till (30 to 50 percent clay) lying over a silty-clay till (20 to 30 percent clay, Shepps 1953).
Shepps has joined the Firm as Of Counsel in the Real Estate Transactional Practice in New York.
Shepps joins BBWG from the New York office of Wachtel Missry LLP, where he was Of Counsel in the firm's Real Estate Practice.