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SHERSchool Health Education Resources (National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)
SHERSociety for Himalayan Environmental Research (India)
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Ali Sher Mehsood was allegedly involved in the corruption of Rs 880 million during his appointment in FATA secretariat and inquiry of this corruption scandal is going on.
The Sher Shah Suri highway facilities included a Sarai, Baoli (stepped way water well), mosque /temple, shadowy trees under which horses, camels and mules used to rest, a postal point and a safety post.
Talking to media after addressing an open court at grid station in Abbottabad, Abid Sher Ali asked where is the change in KP?
Read Robert Shers previous insights on Yardi Voyager.
Sher Shah effectively improved the postal system through swift horses.
Sher added: "Even when conception is intentional, most prospective parents are stunningly unprepared to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy.
Sher Ali says he was warned his father that it could lead to problems.
Sher and her colleagues conducted a retrospective study of charts for patients with episodes of hyperactive delirium who were treated with adjunct valproic acid by a consulting or liaison psychiatrist on the psychosomatic medicine service at their center from Aug.
Between 2003 and 2009, Sher owned Citizens Lending Group, where they financed over 1bn dollars in new residential mortgages over that time period, and grossed 52m in revenue.
Mujtaba Arman, a spokesman for Bismillah Sher, confirmed Sher had US nationality, but he renounced it before registering as a presidential runner.
Any outline of two states for two people will involve the evacuation of settlements," Sher said.
Acting Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov tries to turn me from revolutionary into looter," MP Bolot Sher (Ata Meken) told a press conference today in Bishkek.