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SHERMSafety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
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Slow though he may be on the uptake, Sherm readily recognizes that individually everyone he speaks to despises the custom of "Defiling", but collectively the students, year after year, participate in its continuation.
Even Sherm would admit that the Stork only "arrived" after Winchell arrived in 1930.
In addition to Rosenblatt's stunning and incriminating emails, the two highest non-director senior executives, chief financial officer Lisa Terrill and chief operating officer Sherm Atkinson, have come forward through their legal counsel indicating significant breaches of fiduciary duty by Rosenblatt and the directors as part of the News Corp.
Willie Mays, CF (New York Giants); Al Kaline, RF (Detroit Tigers); Minnie Minoso, LF (Chicago White Sox); Frank Malzone, 3B (Boston Red Sox); Nellie Fox, 2B (Chicago White Sox); Gil Hodges, 1B (Dodgers); Roy McMillan, SS (Cincinnati Reds); Sherm Lollar, C (Chicago White Sox); and Bobby Shantz, P (New York Yankees).
We lost a great player, that's significant,'' offensive coordinator Sherm Lewis said.
She recently was honored with an award named after Sherm Kinney, an executive for the organization from 1978 to 1998.
Starter Tom Candiotti (3-4) did not allow a hit until two were out in the sixth inning, then gave up a solo home run to Sherm Obando with two out in the seventh, and just two hits through eight innings.
This includes those who need to 'show' what the monuments and granite colors will look like when manufactured," said Sherm Cochran, president of Cochran's Inc.
As part of the celebration, Rawlings also plans to honor the original 1957 Rawlings Gold Glove team: Bobby Shantz (P), Sherm Lollar (C), Gil Hodges (1B), Nellie Fox (2B), Roy McMillan (SS), Frank Malzone (3B), Minnie Minoso (OF), Al Kaline (OF), Willie Mays (OF).
John's coach Bob Foley received the Sherm Kinney Award from the MIAA at halftime for his 44 years of coaching high school basketball, but that didn't turn out to be an omen for the Naps.
Glasses has gone from slinging crack rock and Sherm PCP on the streets of Watts to slinging hot mixtapes on the streets of LA, Europe and Japan.
Kowalski also reported that recently retired offensive coordinator Sherm Lewis wrote letters to Millen, team owner William Clay Ford and vice chairman Bill Ford Jr.