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SHERMSafety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
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But even as Bridge juggles her friend Emily's texting habits, a new distance from their friend Tabitha and an unexpected affinity for the Tech Crew (which is cool because it's a crew, not a club), ancient history looms in interesting ways, from the car accident's continued presence in Bridge's thoughts to Sherm questioning whether the Apollo 11 moon landing was real.
In the early months of 1966, Sherm invited some friends from the company to test ride his creation.
When Sherm's crush, "older woman" Dini Trioli, starts going out with lacrosse star Lester Broadside, Sherm is not only disappointed but also alarmed that she may become the next victim of Harewood Tech's cruel practice of "Defiling" random girls.
I got a hold of Colleen and when I talked to her she said, 'You know, I looked at it awhile back, too, Sherm, and it's bad.
And by endorsing Sherm, by dubbing the Stork Club "New York's New Yorkiest place," Walter helped kill the Broadway of Texas Guinan and the profound mingling that she inspired.
1; transcript of Pell interview with Sherm Strickhauser, WHJJ Radio, March 9, 1987.
Sherm Lightner pinch hit for Lenny Maclin and sliced a curve-away fly ball to right that a hustling Jordan caught up with on one bounce and relayed to first for the second out.
A thin 150-pages or so of large-type, Pimpnosis details the adventures of players and pimps from conflicted young Sherm ("He wanted his name to ring bells from state to state, but sometimes he'd get into dark moods that would leave him incapacitated and shut in for weeks"), to old school brain-pimp Charmaine ("Tomiko is my ghetto geisha.
The Donrey Media Group, which includes the Las Vegas Review- Journal and papers from Arkansas to Hawaii, is not publically traded, and therefore "we have no shareholder issues," according to Donrey Media Group President Sherm Frederick.
The authors wish to express their special thanks to Sherm Edwards and John Rauch of Westat, and Fiona Smith of the Picker Institute for their assistance in editing this article.
The soil is a Sherm silty clay loam (fine, mixed, mesic Torretic Paleustoll) characterized by widely varying top soil depths as well as infiltration rates, which under most conditions are slow to moderate depending largely on bulk density of the Ap horizon or surface layer (Unger and Pringle 1986).
Checking in at my hotel, an existentially uneasy but otherwise presentable Ramada Inn, I was greeted with a little present intended for members of the Warhol junket, a small black bag emblazoned with a reproduction of Warhol's Eggs, 1983, and containing a sampling of les delices pittsbourgeoises: a box of Ritz crackers, a minibottle of Heinz ketchup, a Clark Bar, a Clark Super Mario Brothers chocolate patty, a package of Sherm Edwards caramel corn with peanuts, and a bag of Nuts About Pittsburgh pistachios.