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SHETSociety for the History of Economic Thought (various locations)
SHETStaphylococcus Hyicus Exfoliative Toxin
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I telled Mas'r 't was all shet up, and fenced up, and I didn't spect we could get through,--Andy heard me.
Well, one night I creeps to de do' pooty late, en de do' warn't quite shet, en I hear old missus tell de widder she gwyne to sell me down to Orleans, but she didn' want to, but she could git eight hund'd dollars for me, en it 'uz sich a big stack o' money she couldn' resis'.
The reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /said The angry thousands of assembled demanded Sunni Arab clerics in Arab states to intervene rapidly due to the risks that endangered Mosul city, to stop bombings of shrines of prophets and culture heritage of Nineveh by gangs of / Dsh /, where news circulated today that these gangs intend bombing the shrine of prophet Shet in the city of Mosul as well.