SHEUSurvey of Household Energy Use (Canada)
SHEUStudents Health Education Unit
SHEUSchools Health Education Unit
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Lo and Sheu (2007) found a positive connection between presence in the sustainability index and the higher values of companies in the US stock market, using the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.
Her-Jiun SHEU received his PhD from Stern Business School, New York University in 1989.
Lent, Sheu, Gloster, and Wilkins tested SCCT with students enrolled in
Commonly cited reasons against help-seeking by college and medical school students were suspicion and distrust of mental health services, feelings of stigma (both personal self-stigma and stigma from others), and fear of being judged (Chew-Graham, Rogers, & Yassin, 2003; Sheu & Sedlacek, 2004).
There are a huge number of research works, which focus on the optimisation of a special application area of the optimisation of closed loop economy: nuclear power generation by the aid of linear multi-objective optimisation (Sheu, 2008), environmental-regulation pricing strategies by the aid of analytic solutions of Markovian Nash equilibriums derived from Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations (Chen & Sheu, 2009), integrated eco-management in service areas, especially in hotels (Sztruten et al.
Indeed, the principles which underpin restorative justice have existed for millenniums and have been used as a dominant model in criminal justice systems throughout most of human history and for perhaps all the world's people (Braithwaite, 2002; Sheu et al.
Lin J-H, Hsu M-J, Sheu C-F, Wu T-S, Lin R-T, Chen C-H, & Hsieh CL.
Health information literacy skills can be operationally defined to include items such as searching and screening, integrating, analyzing, applying, and presenting (Ku, Sheu, Kuo, 2007).
BCCI chairman Dr Essam Fakhro sealed the deal with SBF president Tony Sheu.
Sheu Yu-jer, director general of Taxation Agency, the Ministry of Finance, reported yesterday (April 28) that tax exemption, standard deduction amount, special salary deduction amount will be raised by NT$4,000-6,000, respectively, with double- but lower-income families being the largest beneficiary.
Lana Donath, daughter of Robert Donath, PM Construction; Courtney Ford, daughter of Russ Ford, LAN; Christina Sheu and Tommy Sheu, children of Kathlie Jeng Bulloch, City of Houston.