SHFASydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (Australia)
SHFAScottish Hip Fracture Audit (Scotland)
SHFAState Housing Finance Agency
SHFAStern Hedge Fund Association (New York University; New York, NY)
SHFAScottish History for All (UK)
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80) A significant (and controversial) (81) difference between the City of Sydney and SHFA permits is that, to obtain the latter, the busker must show proof of having public liability insurance cover.
The 2012 SHFA Statistical Report contains fiscal 2011 financial statements for 51 SHFAs.
For example, both the policies of the City of Melbourne and SHFA indicate that applicants will (or may) (162) be required to give a sample performance as part of the application process, but buskers reported that they had not been required to do so.
Fitch's August 2011 state housing finance agencies (SHFAs) statistical report contains fiscal 2010 financial statement information for 50 SHFAs.
For the fourth year, Fitch is including information on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) held by SHFAs as part of their programmatic functions.
Applicable Criteria and Related Research: 2011 Outlook: SHFAs Endure the Effects of a Slow Recovery
This significant decline demonstrates how SHFA new bond issuance all but halted in fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2010 which followed several prior years of increases.
The significant decline follows several years of increases as SHFA new bond issuance all but halted in fiscal 2009.
In the current market environment, disclosure practices are even more significant for assessing SHFA programs' ratings,' said Eric Espino, Associate Director at Fitch.
The TCLP will provide financial relief to the SHFAs by:
With capital costs increasing, short-term investment rates at very low levels, and rising delinquencies and foreclosure rates within SHFA portfolios, Fitch will continue to assess the ability of SHFAs to address these challenges in its ratings, which will be discussed in future publications.
Rising unemployment levels across the country continue to contribute to the increasing foreclosure rates in the mortgage market which could affect the health of Fitch rated SHFA portfolios.