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SHINESSatellite-HAP (High Altitude Platform) Integrated Networks
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While the techniques of a shine represent a signihcant part of what it means to be a bootblack, there are much deeper aspects to the individual bootblack and to the Bootblack Community.
As part of a group of organizations and business leaders behind the Together Tampa Bay Shines effort, Tampa Bay Partnership enlisted the expertise of Bayshore Solutions to design a website that would boost awareness of activities and attractions in the Tampa Bay community.
Create and run events during Shine week to celebrate all the talents at your/your child's school
The Shines plan to donate 100 percent of the money they raise from their journey to Thirst Relief International, which builds wells and provides pumps and filters to communities in need throughout the world.
All you have to do to claim your lip shine is dash down to Frasers Glasgow and register with the artists at the stila counter and one of 800 lip shines will be yours to take away.