SHMCSacred Heart Medical Center (Eugene, Oregon)
SHMCStrength and Honor Motorcycle Club (various locations)
SHMCSunrise Hospital and Medical Center (Las Vegas, NV)
SHMCSuper Hoya Multi-Coated (camera lens filter; Hoya)
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In group A, the patients underwent PMC whereas in group B, the patients underwent SHMC.
In recent years, several authors reported similar high success rates of SHMC, with less morbidity and quick healing6-9.
There are few studies in international literature comparing PMC with SHMC but no study has been done yet in Pakistan.
Both versions are CO (Central Office) ready, featuring redundant cooling using four of the patented Rittal RiCool blowers and will support 2 or 4 PEMs and 2 ShMCs for complete redundancy.