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SHMOSocial Health Maintenance Organization
SHMOState Hazard Mitigation Officer
SHMOSenior Hospital Medical Officer
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The goal was to encourage SHMO II plans to integrate care at earlier stages of disability (Kane et al.
SHMOs, On Lok, and long-term care case management programs, such as the National Long Term Care ("Channeling") Demonstration, provide clear examples of how integrated care networks may be developed to serve the needs of older adults.
The group, which has 171 outlets under the Ask, Zizzi and Jo Shmo brands, did not disclose sales figures.
Prior Law: The SHMO demonstration was to expire on December 31, 2000.
The president is a bumbler, weak and vulnerable, and you have to bring Joe Shmo off the street and into the White House to save the country.
The SHMO data were ideal for this purpose, as they provided a clinical assessment of NHC status, as well as self-reported data on health and functional status that closely approximated those available from the other surveys.
A Comparison of SHMO Disenrollees and Continuing Members.
The consolidated, prepaid SHMO model has been looked to by many policymakers and providers as a rational way to deliver managed, integrated health and long-term care (LTC) services (Callahan and Wallack, 1981; Rivlin and Wiener, 1988).
They include PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly), SHMOs (social health maintenance organizations), GEM (Geriatric Evaluation and Management).