SHPCStandard Hot Plug Controller
SHPCSuffolk Hunt Pony Club (UK)
SHPCSand Hill Preservation Center (Calamus, IA)
SHPCSouth Highland Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, Alabama)
SHPCSherlock Holmes Pipe Club (Boston, MA)
SHPCSequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church (Knoxville, TN)
SHPCSydney Hydraulic Power Company (Sydney, Australia)
SHPCSmall Hepatocyte-Like Progenitor Cell (cell biology)
SHPCSpring Hill Presbyterian Church (Mobile, AL)
SHPCScenic Hudson Preservation Conference (aka Scenic Hudson, Inc)
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Hyatt: In a project such as this, how might SHPC interface with a skilled nursing facility?
SHPC works closely with other local providers and is recognized particularly for the emotional support offered to seniors by trained and supervised older adults.
French sees SHPC computing as providing long-term benefits to R&D efforts in the oil and gas industry.
SHPC supercomputers have been on the market since Intel, Beaverton, OR, introduced the first commercial system in 1984.
Applications running on SHPC systems regularly realize performance well into the Gflops range.
Other recently announced SHPC products have raised the level of performance and usability.
Establishment and use of industry standards in SHPC computers also is increasing.
Government support for SHPC computing is spurring activity among vendors and users.
Along with grants to SHPC vendors, finding agencies such as the U.
Cray Research recently announced it will use Digital Equipment's Alpha microprocessor as the basis of a line of SHPC supercomputers.
For R&D managers, the shift to SHPC supercomputers brings the ability to provide powerful new tools to researchers whose progress has been slowed by the limits of traditional supercomputers.
Today, researchers at NASA's Langley Research Center and Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE), both at Hampton, VA, use SHPC supercomputers to work on large FEA problems, as well as another computationally intensive engineering challenge--computational fluid dynamics (CFD).