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SHRIMPSensitive High-Resolution Ion Microprobe (Mass Spectrometer)
SHRIMPScalable High-Performance Really Inexpensive Multi-Processor
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Its fiery rays dispelled the clinging vapors, and there, before our eyes, like a picture, lay the shrimp fleet, spread out in a great half-moon, the tips of the crescent fully three miles apart, and each junk moored fast to the buoy of a shrimp-net.
This being a season favourable to conversation, and the room being a cool, shady, lazy kind of place, with some plants at the open window shutting out the dust, and interposing pleasantly enough between the tea table within and the old Tower without, it is no wonder that the ladies felt an inclination to talk and linger, especially when there are taken into account the additional inducements of fresh butter, new bread, shrimps, and watercresses.
Having dealt out these admonitions, the ladies fell to a more powerful assault than they had yet made upon the mixed tea, new bread, fresh butter, shrimps, and watercresses, and said that their vexation was so great to see her going on like that, that they could hardly bring themselves to eat a single morsel.
I should not think of making a corrupt proposal to you, sir; but if I were Commissioner of Shrimps and Crabs, I might have some influence with the water-front population, and be able to help you make your fight for Coroner.
Con-signed in a safe quarter,' replied George, wringing the heads off half a dozen shrimps, and swallowing them without any more ado.
He meant Ham, who beamed with delight and assent over the bag of shrimps.
No little fraid-cat shrimps like you-all can skin Burning Daylight.
I, too, have remarked it, and the observation was the more naturally made, for, before the last two fatal days, barks and shallops were as plentiful as shrimps.
The country exported $72 million worth of shrimp to various countries in the period, Iran's local media quoted Golshahi as saying.
As the leading brand in the shrimp dumpling market, we will continue to expand our presence in this sector," a Dongwon F and B official said.
Shrimp aquaculture has a significant effect on surrounding waters.
According to the report, the global shrimp production reached 4.