SHRPStrategic Highway Research Program
SHRPSchool of Health Related Professions
SHRPSociety for Human Resource Professionals
SHRPSmall Habitat Restoration Program
SHRPScientific Human Resources Board
SHRPSubcommittee on Health Risk Assessment (US EPA)
SHRPScience and Human Rights Program (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
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Congress in 2005, SHRP 2 is a 6-year collaboration of the Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and Transportation Research Board.
However, the m-value of the PAV aged samples do not meet the SHRP low temperature requirements at -18 [degrees] C.
If our roads fail to perform and meet the new criteria set by the SHRP test procedures and, more importantly, the various levels of the Superpave mixture tests, scrap tire rubber use in roads will be very short lived.
We intend to work closely with SHRP to optimize the use and value of these assets, including the real estate, to maximize Penn National's return from this transaction.
Highway Concrete Technology Development and Testing, Volume III: Field Evaluation of SHRP C-205 Test Sites (High Performance Concrete)
SHRP is holding a kickoff event on Thursday, August 30 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.
The primary objective of this multitask project was to determine the effectiveness of cathodic protection, electrochemical chloride extraction, and corrosion-inhibitor treatment systems installed during the SHRP effort through the long-term evaluation of 32 test sites in the field and several concrete slab specimens in the laboratory.
The monitoring ended when the SHRP research phase ended in late 1992.
The use of such expert task groups (ETGs) continues a practice developed under SHRP and further used by FHWA.
TEA-21 reduces the central role of FHWA in highway research, heavily cuts funding to continue with SHRP [Strategic Highway Research Program] implementation and the LTPP [Long-Term Pavement Performance] program, includes a large number of earmarks directing funds to universities and specific research projects, and substantially increases state SPR [State Planning and Research] funding," Francois wrote.