SHSCSocial Housing Services Corporation (Canada)
SHSCSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SHSCStaunton Harold Sailing Club (est. 1975; Australia)
SHSCSafety Hazard Severity Code
SHSCSerious Hardware/Software Crap (
SHSCSite Health and Safety Coordinator
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Approximately two patients per week were discharged with OPAT at SHSC, while only approximately half of these patients were referred to the ID service for follow-up.
the OPAT population at SHSC had a slight male predominance and patients were commonly treated for bacteremia or bone and soft tissue infections [11].
Since 1996, Amerinet has partnered with SHSC, demonstrating a shared commitment to delivering solutions that enhance financial and operational efficiencies for member facilities," said RJ McNaughton.
The extension of the agreement solidifies the commitment of both SHSC and Amerinet to exceed the expectations of our membership by providing the best customer service and a portfolio of highly competitive, quality contracted products and services.
Bidders should note that SHSC have engaged Electrolite Consulting Ltd, trading as Ecovate to undertake the end to end management of the procurement process and potentially the project management of the subsequent processes for and on behalf of SHSC.