SHSGPState Homeland Security Grant Program
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In contrast to SHSGP, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and the President's budget support continuing funding dedicated to large urban areas through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) program.
Authorize SHSGP or UASI Amounts for Convention Locations.
States and localities have an established grant application mechanism with DHS related to homeland security funding and activities, and the use of SHSGP and UASI appropriations for convention security, arguably, are homeland security activities.
In FY2008, Congress did, however, consolidate the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program with SHSGP and UASI.
The Administration does not request funding for LETPP; instead it requests that nearly $63 million of the $250 million requested for SHSGP and $200 million of the $800 million requested for UASI be used for law enforcement terrorism prevention activities.
Additionally, the Administration proposes that SHSGP be a discretionary program, but guarantees each state a minimum of 0.
It proposes, however, to direct states and localities to allocate no less than 20% of SHSGP and UASI funding for LETTP activities.
26) This amount is not included in the total and is derived from the 20% of SHSGP and UASI to be used for law enforcement terrorism prevention activities.
This option, however, would require ODP to coordinate terrorist threat information with its allocation of SHSGP funding, which it presently does not do.
02 billion for SHSGP to be allocated based on risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and unmet first responder capabilities, provided each state and territory is allocated no less than 0.
108-334), Congress directed DHS to allocate FY2005 funding for SHSGP, LETPP, EMPG, and CCP in the same manner as the FY2004 allocations.
States are required to coordinate SHSGP and UASI citizen awareness and participation activities with the state agencies administering CCP.