SHSHShawnee Heights Senior High (Tecumseh, KS)
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Those who wish to save iOS 7 beta 1 SHSH blobs using the latest version of iFaith 1.
3) Users can save SHSH blobs for iOS 7 using iFaith only on Windows.
Steps to save SHSH Blobs for iOS 7 beta 1 on iPhone 4 using iFaith v1.
Fetch the latest SHSH blobs Apple is actively signing
After the successful fetching, a pop-up window will appear with a message saying iFaith saved SHSH blobs for iOS 7 beta 1 (11A4372q) to Cydia
Connect the device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) to computer with the USB cable to save its SHSH blobs.
This will ease the effort in finding backed up SHSH blobs for future use.
Hit save SHSH, and TinyUmbrella will try saving SHSH blobs for iOS 6.
on the desktop (created in step 6), and check if the necessary SHSH blob is available.
The instructions provided in this guide are meant to save the currently signed firmware only, and hence it does not recover previously saved SHSH blobs that Apple is no longer signing.
Open RedSn0w and click Extra > SHSH Blobs > Stitch
If they are saved locally, click Local and select appropriate SHSH Blob for iOS 5.