SHSSSocket Head Set Screw
SHSSSchool of Humanities and Social Sciences (various universities)
SHSSStanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale
SHSSSocket Head Shoulder Screw (hardware)
SHSSState Homeland Security Strategy
SHSSSuper High Strength Steel
SHSSSchool Health Support Services
SHSSStructure and Harness Subsystem
SHSSSchool Health Surveillance System
SHSSSix Hundred Sixty Six
SHSSSentinel Hospital Surveillance System (est. 1986; US CDC)
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Even though our data reveal a higher number of students from the SHSS in the SIS group, there is no evidence of a statistically significant relationship between gender and school, as shown by the chi-square test.
In a simple but meaningful function to honor those sixteen student illustrators of the school held here at SHSS on Thursday, SHSS Principal Kechanguno Ajen lauded the students for their excellent illustrations that got published in a book form under the name "Tale of the Tribes - Folklore from Nagaland" recently.
Earlier, the students whose illustrators were published in the "Tale of the Tribes - Folklore from Nagaland" were honored with each copy of the "book" by SHSS Proprietor J Krose.