SHSUSam Houston State University
SHSUSpartan Health Sciences University
SHSUState Hydrographic Service of Ukraine (oceanography; Kiev, Ukraine)
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The SHSU Honors College serves nearly 800 high-achieving and academically talented students, who come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.
The cornerstone contained a copy of the United States Constitution, a list of the names on Austin College's first Board of Trustees, and currency samples from the original 13 colonies (Building SHSU 2003).
When examining the rich data sets, the SHSU researchers found the teacher candidate narratives for Reflection and Self-Evaluation TWS domain to be most informative.
Two reasons that the Higher One programs work so well for SHSU administrators and students, Vienne says, are the company's singular focus on the higher education market and the great efforts Higher One makes to listen to the ideas and critiques of its customers.
SHSU wanted to provide students with the latest in integrated banking services through the university's ID cards in a format that could be used off campus as well as on campus without hassle for local businesses, accessible through an online OneAccount checking account, and a OneRewards program for local merchants.
This constraint is placed on the study for two reasons: (a) by focusing on one institution, the study removed the variation found between different universities, allowing the researcher to more accurately determine the effect of the community college programs on future academic success, and (b) by focusing on SHSU, the researcher was assured of having access to the data that are needed to answer the research questions.
Bell joined the faculty of SHSU after 15 years as a middle school librarian in Conroe ISD, Texas, and 10 years of classroom experience teaching language arts and reading.