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SHUGScottish Hypermedia Users Group (UK)
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Celie achieves selfhood mainly with the help of Shug Avery, but Nettie's contribution cannot be ignored.
The idea of a genuinely inclusive spirit is the central message articulated by Shug in the outer story: in the letter that contains the title phrase, Shug convincingly argues that God "ain't a he or a she, but an it"--one that may get pissed off "if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it" (177).
Likewise, Shug Avery represents the imago of the lost, dead mother: "Shug Avery was a woman.
Celie's encounter with Shug plunges her headlong into the void.
One element of the novel--though only briefly revealed in the film--that sparked heated dialogue and accusations was that Walker, Spielberg and anyone associated with the film did not have the community's interests at heart when representing the romantic relationship between Celie and Shug.
There is no acknowledgement of the depth of passion between Celie and Shug, but instead the chaste, companionable female love of Victorian novels.
In a well-known passage of Alice Walker's The Color Purple, Shug Avery asks Celia what her God looks like, and Celia answers, "He big and old and tall and graybearded and white.
The chick pea balls themselves were on the chunky side but the mysterious shug plus hummus, pickled turnip and garlic cream got us through the dense brown bits in the middle.
Black spitfire Shug establishes the show's embrace of life's beauty.
Shug McGaughey's Orb was sent off the 7-10 favourite for the Preakness after his victory at Churchill Downs five weeks ago, but could manage just fourth behind the D Wayne Lukas-trained Oxbow, who is also in the 14-strong field.