SHUVStabilized Human Umbilical Vein
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and type 1 SHUV, 1 WNV, ([dagger]) 1 EEV 1 EEV, 1 AHSV ([dagger]) SINV Specimens, no.
Our results showed the presence of SHUV in sheep in Israel during the winter of 2014-15 and suggest a northward expansion of SHUV from sub-Saharan Africa.
Because AINV and SHUV are known to have a strong serologic cross-reaction, SHUV has likely previously infiltrated Israel.
Four of the 5 veterinarians positive for SHUV antibody were men; 2 were in the 23-50-year age group, and 3 were in the 5 0-71-year age group.
Maximum-likelihood analysis of 330-nt fragments of the amplicons with corresponding sequences of representatives of the Simbu serogroup of orthobunyaviruses confirmed that all strains clustered with SHUV virus (Figure 2).
SHUV was first isolated in the 1960s from cattle and sheep in abattoirs (Cuilicoides spp.