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SHVSuper Hi-Vision
SHVSafe High Voltage (coaxial cable connector)
SHVSystem Health Validator (Microsoft)
SHVShareholder Value
SHVScience and Human Values (various organizations)
SHVStandard High Volume
SHVSustainable Hudson Valley (New York)
SHVShreveport, LA, USA - Regional Airport (Airport Code)
SHVSteenkolen Handels Vereeniging
SHVSubmersible Hull Vessel
SHVSulphhydryl Variable (biochemical)
SHVStony Hill Vineyard (St. Helena, CA)
SHVSport Horse Versatility
SHVSupersonic/Hypersonic Vehicle
SHVSuper Hybrid Vehicle
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264(2) encoding format that can efficiently compress the vast amounts of image data that SHV produces at a rate of 60-frames per second (fps), a world's first, enabling efficient transmissions via broadcasting networks or IP connections.
Por lo expuesto, Salmonella puede expresar una variedad de tipo de BLEE, incluyendo TEM, SHV, PER, y CTX-M (4,5,7).
In August, SHV announced plans to sell its Malaysian stores after reviewing its portfolio giving no reason why.
4) In our contribution, we analyze these policy implications in a SHV maximization framework.
Fuches uses an SHV to bring in shielded high voltage to the detector and a regular BNC to bring out the signal, even though a matched impedance through the vacuum flange is called for.
SHV will launch the offer as soon as practically possible.
Species Microarray CT101 result 44 Citrobacter freundii CTX-M1 group 48 Citrobacter freundii CTX-M1 group 152 Enterobacter cloacae SHV G238S (SHV-2 like) 154 Klebsiella pneumoniae CTX-M1 group 163 Citrobacter freundii CTX-M1 group 165 Klebsiella pneumoniae CTX-M1 group 170 Klebsiella pneumoniae SHV G238A+E240K(SHV-18) 171 Escherichia coli SHV G238A+E240K(SHV-18) Associated resistance ([dagger]) Isolate no.
SHV, Cress and Ravi imported 1800 metric tons, 2500 tons and 1800 metric tons LPG respectively.
The primers to amplify the targeted genes were chosen from earlier published studies and were able to recognize all the known TEM, SHV and CTX-M variants (8,9).