SIAPStatistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP)
SIAPSingle Integrated Air Picture
SIAPSocial Impact of the Arts Project (University of Pennsylvania; est. 1994)
SIAPSociedad Interamericana de Planificación (Spanish: Inter-American Planning Society)
SIAPStandard Instrument Approach Procedure
SIAPSIDS Initial Assessment Profile
SIAPSystème d'Information et d'Aide aux Promotions (French: System Information and Support for Promotions)
SIAPSecurity in Iraq Accountability Panel (United Nations)
SIAPSociety of Iranian Architects & Planners
SIAPStable Image Assurance Program (Dell Inc.)
SIAPSensory Impairment Action Plan
SIAPSonobuoy Interference Avoidance Plan
SIAPSorry If Already Posted
SIAPShut-In Annular Pressure
SIAPSurveillance Integration Automation Project
SIAPSpeakers' Information & Activity Package
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SIAP (Servicio de Informacion Agroalimentaria Y Pesquera, Sagarpa).
Segun datos de SIAP (2013) en el periodo 1980-1996 el inventario de bovinoscarne en la entidad disminuyo 60.
SIAP has accelerated organisations like Yuva Parivartan (Helped build its Employment & Livelihood Exchange model), The Akshaya PatraFoundation (a hub-and-spoke model of kitchen operation helping it increase its reach) and Fractal Microspin (helped build a sustainable business model to translate the technology innovation into a well-scaled, socially impactful business enterprise) and is in process of accelerating business of Envirofit India, ERAM Scientific Solutions Pvt.
Before completion of the project period of SIAP in March 2014, JICA mission for final evaluation of the project will visit target areas of the project from September 2nd to 13th, 2013 and will hold meetings with Chairman Planning and Development Department Punjab, Secretary Agriculture and Secretary Irrigation, Punjab.
Con respecto a la importancia del sector primario el SIAP (2011) reporto que el Estado de Puebla se ubico a escala nacional en el lugar cuatro por haber sembrado 511,150.
The SIAP governing council has a representative designated by the Government of Japan and eight representatives nominated by other members.
SIAP (2010) Anuario Estadistico de la Produccion Agricola de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
Sure there's a visual segment, but once you leave the protection of the SIAP by descending below the MDA/DA, you are in uncharted territory, so to speak.
With this change of course, instead of developing new software for CEC, the Navy now plans to incorporate software from the SIAP program called Joint Track Management, a preliminary version of which the Navy expects to receive in December for testing.
For the upcoming SIAP phase, Thales set up a digital simulation, called the system integration laboratory, or SIL.