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SIBCSurface Impedance Boundary Condition
SIBCSolomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (public TV; Solomon Islands)
SIBCSkeeter Ice Boat Club
SIBCStandard Impedance Boundary Condition
SIBCSeaway International Bridge Corporation (Canada)
SIBCShetland Islands Broadcasting Company (UK)
SIBCSpace Industrial Base Council (US DoD)
SIBCSeoul International Baptist Church (Seoul, South Korea)
SIBCShell Island Beach Club (timeshare resort; Sanibel Island, FL)
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In order to determine the current densities, we apply the SIBC on the plane z = 0 and get the reflection coefficient as A = [[zeta].
The villagers were keenly interested in the Bougainville conflict, and regularly consumed mass media representations of it via radio (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation or SIBC and short-wave Radio Niu Gini and Radio Australia) as well as newspaper reporting (The Solomons Star especially).
Even such surfaces can be synthesized which follow SIBC [2].
Deposed Prime Minister Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, representing the Alliance for Change Group, also won his seat in early counting, according to SIBC.
Golub Associates Incorporated is an affiliate of Golub PS-GP LLC, which is the general partner of Leg Partners III SIBC LP, a New York-based privately owned investment partnership that previously reported a 13.
Pijin is the common language in Solomon Islands and the language in which SIBC broadcasts in, but everyone has other mother tongues, so English is a third or fourth language for most.
The SIBC chief said the forum witnessed the signing of four agreements in engineering, shipping, food and industry sectors.
The objections of members of the Sogavare government were reported on SIBC, 15 March, 30 March, 12 April, 7 April 2001.
The first meeting of the SIBC is scheduled to be held in Riyadh next month.
This contract is for the provision of secure accommodation and benefits operational maintenance of SIBC of Ars.