SIBVStaten Island Buddhist Vihara (New York)
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As part of the purchase price for the acquisition of Stena Offshore, Coflexip also issued to SIBV notes valued at approximately USD 20 million, mandatorily redeemable for 454,546 shares on December 15, 1999 and bearing interest at the rate of 8.
The CSO Group received notification from SIBV and from JP Morgan, who hold part of Stena International BV's convertible bonds under an ongoing financial arrangement, that they are converting their convertible notes into 2,227,272 new ordinary shares.
SIBV and JP Morgan have informed Coflexip that they have agreed, on pre- emption rights in respect of such shares in favor of SIBV, that voting rights in respect of such shares will be exercised in accordance with the wishes of Stena International BV and that the operations described above will be declared on a timely basis to the regulatory authorities and to Coflexip to the extent required by law.